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tchop™ lets you combine quality content with social media features and a real time chat. In your own mobile apps, where you have full control.

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Content & Conversation: All you need to build a successful community.

The first turnkey solution that perfectly integrates with your existing tech stack. Grow your most trusted user base. Monetize engagement around your content on a platform you control. Own 100% of the data.

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Curate all the content that matters
Chat Bubbles
Chat with private or public groups. Broadcast or 1:1 chat
Embed content
Create a native content experience with news, videos, podcasts, etc.
Benefit from Comments, Likes and Replies
User generated content
Let users post and discuss content
Audio Rooms
Build Clubhouse-like audio rooms
Organize channels
Manage channels in a flexible structure
Structure topics in forum-like threads
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Engage your audience with surveys and participation

A whitelabeled, premium app experience.

Customise logo, colours and fonts to put your brand experience on the users home and lock screens! Create a central place for all your content. With real native apps.

Own 100% of the data.

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Where Content Curation meets Community Management

Our platform lets even the smallest of teams do great things — on every device, with just a few clicks and a maximum amount of smart automation. Easy to use like social media, powerful like an Enterprise CMS.

Your central command

tchop™ is the first platform that combines content curation and creation in a smart, lean way. It works on any device, can digest any media and is ready to go instantly in your browser.

Like a thin layer that puts all your amazing content and social media channels in one exciting place, where you gain full control.

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Reach out to your audience

Choose between push notifications and in-app-messages to reach out to your audience. Send, schedule or link to any content to point users to what is important - breaking news, surveys, votings etc.

Plus: Each like, comment or interaction creates a branded push notification that brings users back into the community. Engagement loops on steroids!

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A chat platform that you control

Create private or public chat groups around relevant topics or discuss important issues in 1:1 chats. Reach out to all users via broadcast chat to get instant feedback on anything.

Our platform gives you full control about rights, roles and permissions.

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Mobile Editing

Share and add content from anywhere

Our apps give editors and users superpowers: they can share and edit content in the app but also out of other apps - just they are used to from Facebook&Co. Use our native sharing extension to post articles, social media posts, images or videos within seconds.

Of course you can manage all that also right inside the app!

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Chrome Extension

Edit, save and distribute content with few clicks

Our Chrome extension is the easiest, fastest way to share, edit and distribute content right from your browser. Control teaser styles, content, structure or just save content for later.

Power multiple community feeds with a few clicks while browsing!

Download Chrome Extension

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Input any content and source with ease

Our platform is built around the idea of integration, so connecting any kind of source, feed or system is easy. Benefit from lots of standard integrations or start building your own on top of our API.

More about integrations

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Integration for facebook
Integration for instagram
Integration for twitter
Integration for rss
Integration for slack
Integration for podcast
Integration for discord

A universe of possibilities with compelling use cases

Whether you're a large enterprise with thousands of employees or a small venture - we offer everything you need to turn your users into an engaged community. A space on the smartphones of your users that you truly own.
Employee App

Connect your deskless workers with an employee app

Reach, engage, and align your workforce with a powerful, flexible mobile app. Streamline collaboration and improve productivity with a mobile-first platform built for modern collaboration. Easily integrate any system and content needed.

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Community App

The mobile first platform for communities and creators

Bring together your content and conversation in a place that you fully own. Engage with your community on the most important device: the smartphone! Benefit from superior engagement and retention features only mobile apps provide.

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Executive App

A mobile communication hub for your top management

Give your executives a dynamic view of the news and information they need - wether it is media monitoring, hard facts or latest opinions. Live and on the go, secure and always up to date. One place for all the content that matters.

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News App

Create a thriving community around your news and content

Empower your audience with a mobile app that lets users post, comment and discuss any type of topic or content. Like a social network that you fully control. The perfect extension for subscription and membership models.

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All the features you need to get started immediately

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  • Editorial Content
  • User Generated Content
  • Social Media
  • Audio & Video
  • Content in Chat
  • Mobile Editing
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  • RSS Integration
  • Web Scraping
  • Podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Social Integrations
  • Integrations API
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  • Group Chat Rooms
  • Push Notifications
  • Private Messaging
  • Surveys
  • Live Video
  • In App Messaging
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  • Gate access
  • Paid Content
  • Free Trials
  • Mobile Native Ads
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

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Your audience, discussions, news and content — all in one place. Full control over data and customer relationship!