Strengthening your mobile brand

Visual branding is central to every product strategy. That's why tchop offers fully customizable apps in the look and feel of your service or platform - with your logo, the colors of your brand and even your fonts.

This branded experience will put your logo on the home screen of your client's mobile devices, but will also promote your brand outside of the app with every chat message or push notification.

And because you want your clients to use the app on a daily or even hourly basis, user experience is key. Therefore, our apps are truly native, optimized for Android and iOS, fast in terms of performance and extremely easy to use.

Flexible content structure

tchop provides a Mini-CMS with a flexible structure of channels and mixes, which enables you to dynamically fulfill the needs of any client or account within the same branded app. Thanks to a built-in user management, you can connect users to channels and set up custom news and content feeds for single users or dedicated groups.

You can set up custom channels for:
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    every client, brand or account
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    types of services or products that your platform provides
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    different topics or subjects within an account
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    acquisition and sales

Each channel is independent in terms of content structure with its own editorial dashboard. That means each account can curate, edit and comment your output for specific target groups within a communication department or enterprise. Think of communication departments that can curate custom feeds for their C-level management or marketing departments providing special interest news to sales teams. The possibilities are endless.

Curating content for mobile usage

Within a channel you can curate and create an unlimited amount of mixes. A mix is a dynamic content feed that can provide all kinds of content: images, videos, audio, written posts, links, tweets etc..

Mixes within monitoring apps are often used for different topics like
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    specific monitoring feeds your platforms provides
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    other news that your client is interested in
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    feeds from other platforms or services your client is using
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    feeds with links to any web URL or ressource
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    data feeds with KPIs
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    general news about new features and updates from your service

Both clients and your consulting teams can add, edit and manage content independently on our platform. Simply enable your clients to work with your output easily and prepare it for other decision makers or departments on their side. It´s easy, efficient and works on every device.

In any case, you always have full control over who can contribute, edit or just read.

Integrate existing content, tools and services

The best monitoring app is the one that most easily fits into the processes your clients and stakeholders are already used to. That's why our platform is built around the idea of curation. tchop integrates with your existing platforms, existing tools like Slack or with feeds that other monitoring services provide without any IT implementation needed.

tchop can easily integrate different kinds of services:
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    RSS feeds
  • img
  • img
  • img
  • img
    Scraping of any website
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  • img

tchop is like a thin layer that lets you curate content from a variety of sources into one branded app, so that your clients can find what's relevant in one place.

The best thing: based on our Input API it is easy to create custom integrations that let us connect to your platform output in the most efficient way.

Add conversation to your monitoring services

One of the most valuable benefits our platform offers is secure, real time messaging. Clients can respond directly to your team or discuss your monitoring output no matter where they are within their team.

A centralized group chat is easy for teams to follow. Unread messages are counted and highlighted, making it easier for every member of your team to stay up to date as projects develop. Users receive push notifications (branded with your logo!) to not miss any message - even if they are not active in the app.

tchop gives you full control to set up conversations around your service and decide who can write or read:
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    public group chats where everybody can join, participate or ask questions
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    users can use confidential 1:1 chats to connect with each other instantly
  • img
    private chat groups for confidential conversations and special issues
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    read-only chats to keep everybody up to date on important topics

It's a full cross platform messaging platform with the look and feel of your brand that offers a universe of possibilities for your client communication. Chats can even be pinned to mixes or certain content, so that the discussion around relevant topics can be structured and controlled.

Test run with a few clients

Before you rollout any solution we recommend setting up a test run with a limited group of clients. Let them test the solution and see if this is something that adds substantial value to your service.

tchop lets you kickstart such a test run within days. Thanks to our analytics dashboard you can find out what or when engages your users and what kind of content they prefer.

For the distribution of your app to your clients we cover all potential options: you can use the public app store via our account or yours. Alternatively use secure B2B app distribution with any mobile device management.

We provide you with a full service and deploy your apps where you need them, so that you can focus on your clients.

At a glance

No matter how small or big your monitoring service might be, offering your own branded app significantly expands what your clients can do with your daily output. It lets you improve user experience, hence increase user retention and decrease churn as your service becomes a central mobile communication platform that your clients love to use 24/7 on their smartphones.

With tchop you don't have to worry about app development issues or complex IT integration. You can integrate any monitoring feed and services with a few clicks and wrap them into a beautiful mobile product, where your client can find everything needed in one place.

Connect to your clients in a new way and combine content and real time chat in your own branded app.

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