Your own branded news app

Many publishers fear challenges connected to managing necessary resources or had bad experiences with high costs for app development. This is where tchop's "app-as-a-service" comes into play.

tchop is a turnkey solution that empowers any enterprise, agency or publisher to create highly effective and fully customized native apps in record time. We offer rich functionality out of the box, enabling you to launch a news driven app with all of the features your customers have come to expect:

  • Manage your content from a simple user and mobile friendly CMS
  • Integrate existing content and news feeds with a few clicks
  • Separate free and paid content via our built-in user management
  • Engage users with rich content such as GIFs or native video

Integrate existing feeds and sources

As our platform is built around the idea of curation, tchop seamlessly integrates with existing systems. Your team can continue working with the existing tools without evening touching the tchop CMS in their daily routine. Or editors can use the tchop CMS to easily curate content on top or add app specific features like push notes.

tchop can automatically parse content feeds on basis of a variety of standard integrations:
  • RSS feeds
  • Scraping of new links from a website (including your own)
  • Social Media content from twitter, facebook or instagram
  • Youtube videos

You can fully automate import and publication of these contents, meaning even a small team is empowered to maintain a daily news service. And in case there's something missing: thanks to our APIs it is easy to build custom integrations and adjust to custom requirements.

Of course editors can also manually import links, social posts, photos or videos directly from their smartphone, as well as out of other apps via our sharing extension. Mobile content curation on the go.

Flexibility at its core

Our platform's functionality has been built in line with industry best practice and design guidelines. However, it is possible to extend or replace every screen to produce something more bespoke. Here are some examples of custom requirements that we have already implemented and which are easy to use for you:

  • Innovative UX concepts (like "tinder-style" swipeable content cards)
  • Custom fonts and styles
  • Native Ads via Google SDKs (Admob or DFP) or other ad providers
  • Connect to a custom SSO (to manage user access)
  • Third Party Push SDKs (like OneSignal)
  • Custom fonts and styles

You can implement these custom features on your own on the basis of our code. Or we can handle that for you in separate branches, where you enjoy full freedom. In any case you will benefit from future improvement and technical developments of our core platform.

Test run with a limited group

tchop lets you prepare and launch a test run within days. Thanks to the set of standard integrations you can import news feeds with a few clicks.

We are happy to help, contributing with our experience from many news app projects and use cases. Thanks to our analytics dashboard you can find out what engages your users and what kind of information they seek.


tchop is the turnkey solution to provide high-quality mobile news experiences to your users without investing into your own app development resources. With its flexible content structure tchop is perfect to cover the needs of special interest news providers, regional publishers and content marketing providers alike.

The fact that tchop easily integrates with your existing APIs as well as content management and other systems lets you decrease costs, risks and implementation time significantly. On top of that we provide a full service and deploy your apps where you need them, so that you can focus on the key topic: your content!

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