How embedding works

Share your content and empower others to place it everywhere across the web. Embedding tchop content into websites is as easy as copy and paste. Simply choose the type of content you want to embed: a single card, a mix or a news feed. You can modify the appearance and generate your embed code in the tchop backend.

Single Card Embeds

Imagine websites and blog articles spiced up with tchop cards. Everything you can put into tchop can also be shared via tchop embeds. Export "Card" embed in tchop - backend, copy iframe code and paste it inside your page. That´s all.

These are some examples how embedded tchop™ cards look like:

  → See all types of cards available in tchop™ 

Timeline Embeds

You can embed a set of cards as a dynamic stream. Mixes as well as news streams. Your embedded timeline gets automatically updated when you modify, add or remove content in your tchop™ mix.

Need more customization?
Use our API.

You are a skilled developer? You can use our API instead of tchop embeds and pull content directly from our servers as JSON data. This empowers you put tchop content into your design.

Think outside the box: Use your own CSS and html-structure to display tchop cards, mixes and feeds the way you want. and use our tchop backend to manage your content.

  → Check out our API docs. 

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