An overview of
tchop™ embeds and card types.

Single card embeds

A card embed can be used to spice up an article with rich media content. Cards can contain all kinds of media and everything else that´s on the web. No matter if you´re creating own content or curating others: news and blog articles, videos, audio, twitter, instagram. It´s up to you.

Image card

Image card (animated gif)

Text card

Text card (very long text)

Article card (default)

Article card (small teaser)

Article card (big teaser)

Social (Instagram)



Social (Twitter)

Social (Twitter, with image)

Timeline embeds

A timeline contains a set of cards: a certain mix or a news feed. Timelines are updated automatically every time you modify, add or delete a card inside your tchop mix.

The number of columns automatically adapts to the available container width to ensure the timeline fits perfect in every layout on every device.

Timeline — default layout

Timeline — narrow layout (mobile)

Timeline — full width layout

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